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  • Hi,

    For some website, I'm interested in Easy 2 Gallery mostly for its backend.
    (to import pictures in folders)

    On the frontend, I just want the e2g snippet to output a given picture, without any gallery system (no slideshow or so), since the picture is going to be used as the background image.

    I tried what follows, but this still calls the default service to display thumbnails:
    [!easy2? &fid=`114` &landingpage=`1` !]

    I just want to output the picture "src" value, possibly with a simple customized wrapper.

    Is is possible with Easy 2 Gallery and if yes how?
    • This seem doing the job, where 123 is here the id of the picture to display in table "easy2_files":
      <img src="assets/modules/easy2/show.easy2gallery.php?fid=123" alt="" />

      But an equivalent snippet call would be easier to set if any ...