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    [!MaxiGallery? &lang=`fr-utf8` &limit=`1` &order_by=`random` &max_thumb_size=`154x108` &max_pic_size=`1024x720` &pics_per_row=`3` &galleryOuterTpl=`@FILE:assets/snippets/maxigallery/templates/galleryOuterTpl.tpl` &galleryPictureTpl=`@FILE:/assets/snippets/maxigallery/templates/galleryPictureTpl.tpl` &js=`assets/snippets/maxigallery/js/galerie.js` &css=`@FILE:` &manageOuterTpl=`CODE:` !]

    Put in a document, the above snippet code returns the gallery of the current document.

    But strangely, if adding &gal_query_ids=`[*id*]` to the snippet call, the gallery then also return other galleries, most probably child galleries.

    Or course, I tried replacing [*id*] with the static document identifier (i.e. the document number), but this does not change anything.

    I cannot understand that the gal_query_ids parameter asks other thing than its purpose. Is this a bug?