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    Revo 2.3.3
    getPage 1.2.4
    NewsPublisher 2.0.2

    For some reason I don't understand my pagination suddenly broke. I'm using getPage (and getResources) to list the resources created by specific members (with NewsPublisher).

    Looking at the source, the pagination links are being generated with tragically broken code. I've searched all the templates, chunks and the database but I'm unable to find where the strange code is coming from. It was working fine, then it wasn't.

    Here's the generated link code:
    <a class="active" owner,="" mysite="" href="http://mysite.com/member/my-articles.html">1</a>
    <aowner, mysite="" href="http://mysite.com/member/my-articles.html?page=2">2</aowner,>
    <aowner, mysite="" href="http://mysite.com/member/my-articles.html?page=2">Next</aowner,>
    <aowner, mysite="" href="http://mysite.com/member/my-articles.html?page=2">Last</aowner,>

    I'm starting to wonder if there's a conflict with another add-on. I have updated a couple recently.

    This question has been answered by todd.b. See the first response.

    • GetPage has its own tpls for the pagination parts. What does your getPage snippet call look like?
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            &tpl=`@FILE memberTutorialResult.html`
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          did you check, what you have in the @Pagination - Properties?

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            <li class="control"><a[[+classes]][[+title]] href="[[+href]]">

            fixed the problem. [ed. note: todd.b last edited this post 8 years, 11 months ago.]