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    My client uploads very large photos (6000x4000). pThumb is my resizer of choice but looks to choke on large format images...
    If i try to resize the 6000px to 2000px or even 1500px I end up with a blank page. phpThumbOf / pThumb creates a file nicely if i drop the width to 1000px or lower.

    I need to resize these pictures for a bg-image (parallax) 2000x700

    - I also noticed that the zoom-cropping feature only acceptes zc=1 (used to be all orientations).
    - Resizer set to "yes" also does not generate any thumbnails

    Does anyone have any experience in solving this?
    (obvious to change to phpThumbsUp because this does the resize as wanted)

    My env: PHP 5.5, MODX 2.3.3

    This question has been answered by ThaClown. See the first response.

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      Did you try this?

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      • It could be a timing or memory issue, since it's a PHP script. Check your PHP error logs.
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          Hi Menno,

          Your code works. Feel a little stupid for not trying it that way.

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