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  • Hi, I'm a noob in need of some help please.

    I installed Articles and it was working great. I set up several posts.

    I followed the steps in another thread to hide some Articles fields using Forms Customization for a 'Content Editor' user profile.

    But now when I try to add or edit articles (either as an administrator or content editor) the manager page loads momentarily but then everything hides and I get a white page.

    I've tried deleting all the form customization but it still isn't working.

    All the articles are still showing fine in the front end.

    Please help!

    This question has been answered by claytonk. See the first response.

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      Be sure to do a complete cache purge (website and browser) and if it's still doing it check your console for javascript errors. If you've removed all the customizations, the problem should have resolved itself. If you're getting specific javascript errors, post them back here, we might have an idea or two.
      • Worked perfectly. Thanks for your help smiley