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    Hi there,
    while using eForm 1.4.6 in MODX 1.0.15 I encountered the following problem.
    There is a placeholder in my eForm template which is replaced by a bunch of radio buttons using the eformOnBeforeFormParse event. The problem is, that whenever a validation error occurs, all checked radio buttons weren't checked anymore.
    The template looks like this:
    <form id="test">
      <input type="text" name="fullname" eform="Name::1">

    The function that is called by eformOnBeforeFormParse looks like this:
    function makeRadios(&$fields,&$templates) {
      for($i=1;$i<=31;$i++) {
        $ph .= '<input type="radio" name="day['.$i.']" id="day_'.$i.'_A" value="A"><label for="day_'.$i.'_A">A</label>';
        $ph .= '<input type="radio" name="day['.$i.']" id="day_'.$i.'_B" value="B"><label for="day_'.$i.'_B">B</label>';
      $templates['tpl'] = str_replace('[+placeholder+]',$ph,$templates['tpl']);
      return true;

    which renders the radios correctly as
    <input type="radio" name="day[1]" id="day_1_A" value="A"><label for="day_1_A">A</label>
    <input type="radio" name="day[1]" id="day_1_B" value="B"><label for="day_1_B">B</label>
    <input type="radio" name="day[2]" id="day_2_A" value="A"><label for="day_2_A">A</label>
    <input type="radio" name="day[2]" id="day_2_B" value="B"><label for="day_2_B">B</label>

    I tried to set the checked-attribute inside the makeRadios-function, but eForm removes all checked-attributes while parsing. Than I tried to set the value of $fields['day'][1] manually via an eformOnBeforeFormParse-function, but again no radios were checked.

    Now the trick. In a function called by eformOnBeforeFormParse I have to set a value to $fields['day1'] instead of $fields['day'][1].
    function setValues(&$fields) {
      if(is_array($fields['day'])) {
        foreach($fields['day'] as $i => $v) {
          $fields['day'.$i] = $v;	
      return true;

    So it was a problem with having square brackets in the name-attribute of my radio buttons. Obviously eForm changes "day[1]" to "day1".