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    Consider the following structure :
    MainCategory (1) [[FirstChildRedirect]]
      - Welcome (9)
      - Topic 1 (114)
      - Topic 2 (116)

    As the document with id 116 doesn't have it's own gallery, I would like it to inherit the pictures from the parent document with id 1.
    There are two snippet calls on the page, and the second one is thus which picks the pictures.
    [!MaxiGallery? &lang=`fr-utf8` &display=`pictureview` &max_thumb_size=`154x108` &max_pic_size=`1024x720` &pics_per_row=`3` &pictureTpl=`@FILE:assets/snippets/maxigallery/templates/manageButton.tpl` &css=`@FILE:` !]
    [!MaxiGallery? &lang=`fr-utf8` &limit=`1` &gal_query_ids=`[*gal_ids*]`&childgalleries_level_limit=`1` &order_by=`random` &max_thumb_size=`154x108` &max_pic_size=`1024x720` &pics_per_row=`3` &galleryOuterTpl=`@FILE:assets/snippets/maxigallery/templates/galleryOuterTpl.tpl` &galleryPictureTpl=`@FILE:/assets/snippets/maxigallery/templates/galleryPictureTpl.tpl` &js=`assets/snippets/maxigallery/js/galerie.js` &css=`@FILE:` &manageOuterTpl=`CODE:` !]

    The [*gal_ids*] takes the value returned by the [!GetParent!] snippet,
    i.e. the id 1.
    The issue is that the gallery of document 116 doesn't only inherit the pictures from the gallery of document 1, but is also contaminated by pictures from "brother" documents, like those with id 9 and 114.

    I tried setting &childgalleries_level_limit to 0 or to remove this parameter, but it did not solve the problem.

    N.B. Document 1 has its own gallery, which was uploaded before setting the [[FirstChildRedirect]] (which redirects to document 9).

    Thanks for any help.