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  • I would like to give a shout out to everyone on the forum to announce that we are organizing the MODXpo this year in Munich, Germany. It is a 2 day conference from Nov 21 - 22.

    We have made a website to keep you informed: http://2015.modxpo.eu

    The search for sponsors, talks and speakers has quietly started and we would love to get feedback from the community. We have two forms created to gather input from you and it would be awesome if you could fill them out!

    The first form is to gather topic ideas:

    The second form is for anyone interested in giving a presentation:

    Anyone that has worked on any interesting MODX project is eligible to present something.



    The MODXpo is being hosted by the Munich agency, Kochan & Partner. They have a very talented web development team that use various frameworks and systems, but have a warm spot in their hearts for MODX and want to give back to the community.

    The MODX Ambassadors, including myself, and MODX will be working very hard over the next few months to create the best possible conference for you. As details become available (ticket pricing, sponsor listing, speaker schedule), we will update the website. We should have much more to show by June.

    It is never too early to communicate and I know that people need plenty of time to decide if they want to participate. It would be helpful if you were to put it into your calendar and share the link to the website via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Let's get the word out!

    Best regards,
    Ben Davis
      Benjamin Davis: American web designer living in Munich, Germany and a MODX Ambassador. I am also co-founder of SEDA.digital, a MODX Agency.
    • Nice to see another MODXpo happening this year, I have not been to one to date but will try and make it to this one. I however wonder if the conferences are being limited by saying you are looking for speakers who do MODX related things only?

      Should you not also be looking for speakers who do anything web related in general, I know the core of the conference is geared around MODX but shouldn't there be an invite for speakers who work with other technology that would be useful for everyone?

      I don't do much MODX work anymore but I would like to think that as a web developer, It is useful to get an understanding of other web related technology to improve one self.
      • At all of the other expos I've attended, there were presentations on various other technologies, such as git and workflow.
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        • If you have any topic requests, please fill out the form here:

          We are open to all suggestions. We would like to have a varied selection of topics and we are approaching some speakers that do not have anything to do with MODX.

          It would be great to see you there!

            Benjamin Davis: American web designer living in Munich, Germany and a MODX Ambassador. I am also co-founder of SEDA.digital, a MODX Agency.