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    my Configuration Check reports that we should change the config.inc.php file permissions after upgrading our Modx installation. Here the message:

    One or more configuration details didn’t check out OK:
    Configuration warning: Config file still writable!

    I don’t understand this because the config file on the server in core/config/config.inc.php has exactly the same rights than in my localhost: 644, and here we don’t receive any message from the Configuration Check.

    The server is a window machine, the localhost is unix (using www.mamp.info).

    Why are we receiving this message? are the rights 644 really insecure?

    I will appreciate any help.
    • Those permissions are meaningless on a Windows server.
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        • 12508
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        Thank you Susan for your answer. It is strange because the website is running since 2013 using Modx without receiving this warning message. Now we upgraded Modx to the last version (2.3.3, before was 2.2.10) and the message appears. I'm wondering if the new Modx version hast something to do with the message since we did not change the rights of the config.inc.php.