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    I recently updated a site to 2.2.16 and found that the pThumb filters that have always worked, suddenly stopped working. I see the image (the cached and cropped version), but without the filter. After a lot of testing I found that the wmi filter DOES work, but a lot of others don't. For this site in particular the mask filter stopped working.

    Both codes below don't have the mask:

    <img src="
    " />

    <img src="[[+tv.itemImage=`&f=png&w=336&h=195&zc=1&fltr[]=mask|assets/templates/images/contentpage-img-mask.png`]]" alt="" width="336" height="195" />

    The debug says:

    [2015-02-27 16:24:02] (ERROR @ /index.php) [pThumb] Resource: 397 || Image: /home/mydomain/domains/mydomain.nl/public_html/bestanden/051308_mg_9660.jpg
    :: Processed ::
    Resizer debug output:
        [0] => Resizer v1.0.1
        [1] => Using GD
        [2] => Input options:
      'fltr' => 
      array (
        0 => 'mask|assets/templates/images/contentpage-img-mask.png',
      'f' => 'png',
      'w' => '336',
      'h' => '195',
      'zc' => '1'
        [3] => Original - w: 3504 | h: 2336 (8.19 MP)
        [4] => New - w: 336 | h: 224
        [5] => ZC - start: (0, 14) | box: 336x195 px
        [6] => Wrote /home/mydomain/domains/mydomain.nl/public_html/bestanden/image-cache/051308_mg_9660.03e0be69.png
        [7] => Dimensions: 336x195 px
        [8] => Execution time: 1330 ms

    there is no mention at all of the processing of the filter. When I try with the wmi filter it does show up in the debug lines.

    I also uploaded the phpThumb demos and tests and all is ok, GD is running 'bundled (2.0.34 compatible)'.

    I'm running out of ideas how to fix this.. Hope someone on this forum knows what could be going on.

    I did see some bugfixes in the changelog for phpThumb, could that be related?

    This is a big problem for my client because the site looks bad now without the filters.

    Thanks for any help!
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      Hi Michelle,
      have you found a solution to this problem yet? I would love to use the mask fltr, too.

      Maybe ImageMagick is required, like it is for &zc parameters (besides "1")? Have a look here: https://github.com/splittingred/phpThumbOf/issues/19
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        Quote from: aaantz at Jul 15, 2015, 09:27 AM
        Hi Michelle,
        have you found a solution to this problem yet? I would love to use the mask fltr, too.

        No, I haven't managed to get it working with pthumb. I switched to phpthumbsup (http://modx.com/extras/package/phpthumbsup), which is working fine with fltr.

        Use it like this:

        <img src="[[*image:phpthumbsup=`&w=336&h=195&zc=1&fltr[]=mask|mask.jpg&f=png`]]" alt="" width="336" height="195" />