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    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for opening and contribution in this discussion! And a separate appreciation to Robert who mentioned our Daminion (I work at Daminion Software).

    FYI a lightweight web-client will be avaiable in the upcoming Daminion 4.5 version, so it can be launched on Macs (but in readonly mode as a client for Daminion Server).

    Would be happy to anwser to any questions related to metadata handling with Daminion.

    BTW we plan to add support writing XMP into PDF documents in the new Daminion version.

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      Update: I wrote a snippet to work with ResourceSpace API.

      - All image/metadata are managed with ResourceSpace (RS)
      - All ResourceSpace resources (images and photo sets) can be integrated in MODX with a snippet
      - All IPTC / EXIF data can be pushed to MODX
      - The snippet can be used to search images from a MODX webiste
      - the snippet works with pThumb for image re-sampling and caching
      - As the snippet is an adaptation of jsonDerulo, queries can be cached

      // single RS resource
      // get works from RS (categories of photo set: features, projects, series, called "themes" in RS)

      For the moment RS resources ID for images and photo sets are passed with TVs

      Obviously I would prefer a nice MODX back end integration allowing image browsing in connection with RS than ID ...


      MODX slideshow

      Live example available here :
      MODX website with all image content coming from RS via xRS snippet [ed. note: johnxx last edited this post 8 years, 5 months ago.]
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        Quote from: gissirob at Nov 14, 2015, 05:12 PM

        I'm contemplating whether to build the capability to update metadata via the site. I still believe the best tool for creating the metadata in the first place is Daminion (http://www.daminion.net/download). The main problem is that it is Windows only.

        Daminion 4.5 was released recently with a light-weight web-client so you can now access Daminion Server from your Mac/Linux. The web-client markup is adaptive and looks good on smartphones too.


        Intro video:
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          A good start Murat, but no metadata update capability and requires a server license. Now if your free client was available on Mac/ Linux... smiley