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    I am building myself a site and have found Tagger to be fantastic. My understanding is that by using a separate table it should in theory be faster than using TV's. Is that right?

    My setup for Tagger has it displaying as a pseudo hierarchy, which was really easy to set up. I'm wondering if it would be possible to combine the following calls into a snippet, or series of snippets to speed things up?

    [[TaggerGetTags? &resources=`[[*id]]` &rowTpl=`tpl-placeTags` &groups=`1`]]  »  
    [[TaggerGetTags? &resources=`[[*id]]` &rowTpl=`tpl-placeTags` &groups=`2`]]  »  
    [[TaggerGetTags? &resources=`[[*id]]` &rowTpl=`tpl-placeTags` &separator=`  `&groups=`3`]]<br /><br />
    [[TaggerGetTags? &resources=`[[*id]]` &rowTpl=`tpl-subjectTags` &separator=`   `&groups=`4`]]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as my php skills are negligible.

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      We are having this issue as well, with a similar set up. Any advice on how to make this page load faster would be greatly appreciated.

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        Have you tried one Tagger call with &groups=`1,2,3,4` ?
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