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  • I'm using MODx for a few years but first time i have to use custom database tables. I created table I need with Bobs quide ( tutorial and everythink is working fine. I can display items from my custom table on the page.
    The problem is to display them in Manager. I created my own manager page like it is on this page and i can display on this page static text. Now i want to get on this manager page, my custom table items. I thought i can acces them by
    but it's giving me blank page.
    Custom manager page is in sam path as bobs snippet (core/components/quotes/).
    How can I get this custom table?

    Edit: my MODx version is 2.3.3

    This question has been answered by elmaciaso. See the first response.

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      I found solution.
      When i tried to display my custom table in dashboard widget, and I study widget with active users, I saw that it using
      , not
      like in snippets. I changed it and now it works correct.