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    Hello all,

    I am attempting to create a new page and give it a specific page template.
    I go under "Uses Template", then I select a different template from the default one it is currently set to.

    A box comes up and says:
    "Are you sure you want to change the Template?

    WARNING: This will only temporarily store your prior changes and reload the page; ensure you are ready to do so before proceeding. After the page has reloaded, you will need to save when you are ready to save the Template change.

    I select yes, and then it gives me a page that says the following:
    "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class ResourceUpdateManagerController in /home/MY-SITE-NAME/public_html/manager/controllers/default/resource/update.class.php on line 228"

    Let me know if you have a fix?
    Thanks in advance!
    • Is there perhaps a TV in the new template that relies on a package that has been uninstalled?
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        That error means that the file with the ResourceUpdateManagerController class
        (manager\controllers\default\resource\update.class.php) is being loaded.

        The second time, PHP complains because the class already exists. MODX generally won't include a class if it already exists, so most likely cause would be a plugin that fires in the Manager and loads that class file with 'include' or 'require'.

        You may be able to figure out which plugin by disabling all your plugins. If that fixes it, then re-enable them one at a time until it happens again.

        One solution (if you can find the offending code) would be to wrap the include or require statement like this:

        if (! class_exists('ResourceUpdateManagerController')) {
             // include or require statement here

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          I also have this issue.Why i got this error?And how I can solve this please?I am a beginner in Modx, it's my first work.