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    When I dealt with issues related to the user profile and user data, I think I was juggling too many balls at the time. So, I never really got a handle on the issue.

    I have been reading up, and found ClassExtender, which would seem to make my life a lot easier as I try to save and access some different user data. I have fields for goals, birthdate, and various other data, and so far haven't gotten to the issue of how to access them.

    Will ClassExtender work with Discuss? Can I use it instead of the extended fields I have in registration?
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      FYI, Discuss already has a birthdate field.

      I think ClassExtender would work with Discuss (I could be wrong), but I'm not sure how well the extra fields would be integrated into the MODX Create/Edit User panel, since Discuss is already modifying that. It might work fine -- or not.
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        Ok I think I understand.

        I think this may work fine. Login plus ClassExtender can help me totally circumvent the issues in Discuss. Login allows me to define and collect the basic user data and pass it to ClassExtender, where I can search it easily.

        There is a point where the forum-specific data and user data might not meet, but that is a far bridge from here. If I can get *some* basic info from Discuss (and I think I can) independent of specific user info, then I don't see any pressing issue. Hell, that's a feature not a bug, user data is *safe* (because I don't know how to correlate stuff haha)!

        Oh wait, I see your point about the MODX Create/Edit User panel. I thought that meant the Discuss profile, which I need to work around anyway.

        I kind of doubt Discuss is actually modifying core areas like the user panel. I think that's where the development stopped, at full integration. The software version of a available plug sticking out of the wall, waiting to be integrated with something. Later, when we have the energy to deal with the tough specifics haha.

        It seems to me right now, from this angle, MODX needs to deal with *users* much, much better, forum or no, user data, user permissions. The forum seems totally secondary.