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  • Hello!

    has the structure
    Level 1 (first pages)
    Leavel 2 (id = 1)
    Leavel 2 (id = 2)

    Level 1 (second pages)
    Leavel 2 (id = 3)
    Leavel 2 (id = 4)

    in first pages have chunk with structure and second page has it too

    first pages have links where you need to install the appropriate id for the second page
    Level 1 (first pages)
    Leavel 2 (id = 1) click (open id=3)
    Leavel 2 (id = 2) click (open id=4)

    There are a ton plugin or snippet to implement this option, or you need to create TV?

    When you create a parameter TV and inserted into a link that opens a blank page - a white sheet, that is three times the template page did not load