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  • Hi,

    after getting an e-mail with the following text:
    "Source: Parser - The details of the error could be seen in the MODX system events log.", I tried to log in, but couldn't.

    resetting the password via phpMyAdmin failed, too (http://rtfm.modx.com/evolution/1.0/administration/manager-users/reset-your-password-unblock-your-user)
    ... looks like this solution is outdated anyway: http://forums.modx.com/thread/85754/evo-upgrade-issue

    hmmm, weird, same here http://forums.modx.com/thread/85777/manager-lockout-after-evo-upgrade but with me this just happened out of the blue and not after an update

    does anyone know how to solve this?

    thanks a lot, cheers, j

    p.s. resetting my password didn't work either, just sent me to the login screen

    This question has been answered by Jako. See the first response.

    • concerning the initial error report mail, I checked via db what this was about:

      « MODX Parse Error »
      MODX encountered the following error while attempting to parse the requested resource:
      « PHP Parse Error »
      PHP error debug
      Error : Unknown: open(/var/tmp/e/3/sess_e33bllup0npugmhvf2jvkd4fn4, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2)
      ErrorType[num] : 	WARNING[2]
      File : 	Unknown
      Line : 	0

      but have no idea what this is about. everytime someone requests a page I get an email to inform me about it. on the page itself I got an "ERROR" displayed right after the closing </html> tag

      • Some things to check (no specific order):

        • Check if the cache folder is writable and maybe remove all files in there exept of the original ones and make the original files/folders writable for php
        • Disable .htaccess in webroot and manager folder and try to login again (enable .htaccess after)
        • Empty the active_users table
        • Clear the browser cookies of that domain in your browser
        • Remove any saved password for that domain in your browser
        • Clear the browser cache and reload the browser (or try a different one) to remove session issues on client side
        • Clear the session folder on your webhost to remove session issues on server side
        • Additional to RTFM 'unblock your user' set the blockeduntil/blockedafter/failedlogincount to 0
        • Check for plugins that are working in OnBeforeManagerLogin, OnManagerLogin, OnManagerAuthentication with that query below i.e. in phpMyAdmin and disable them.
        SELECT sp.name as plugin_name, spn.name as event_name FROM `modx_site_plugins` sp JOIN `modx_site_plugin_events` spe ON sp.id = spe.pluginid JOIN `modx_system_eventnames` spn ON spn.id = spe.evtid WHERE spn.name in ('OnBeforeManagerLogin','OnManagerLogin','OnManagerAuthentication')

        The manager login is processed in that file: https://github.com/modxcms/evolution/blob/master/manager/processors/login.processor.php

        Hope that helps.
        • discuss.answer
          That error is caused by a webserver session issue. Seems that the server uses a global session folder. Maybe you could set a local one for your installation in .htaccess with session.save_path setting.
          • thanks, will try that
            • unfortunately didn't work, guess because of:
              Server API CGI/FastCGI
              • well, it did work with a php.ini in the modx installation folder

                is that safe? what file/folder permissions would be recommended in that case?

                thanks a lot, cheers, j
                • any ideas what could have possibly caused this?

                  phpinfo() initially showed something like "2;var/tmp", so I assume those folders got deleted by the webhost?
                  • hey Jako, thanks a ton!! smiley

                    seems to work now. just try to wrap my head around what happened