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  • Has anybody else had issues with eform not sending out emails after upgrading to MODX 1.0.14? I have eform at the latest version and never had any issues before.

    • No problems here, are the Configuration > User > Sendmail method settings still correct?
      I always leave these settings, using the default mail() PHP function.
      From what version did you upgrade?

      (You also might want to upgrade to the newest version 1.0.15)
        Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley
      • To be honest, not sure what version it was beforehand but wouldn't have been more than one or two versions earlier (did a load of them in one go but don't have this issue anywhere else).

        We'll give the 1.0.15 upgrade a go tomorrow as critical anyway and see from there. We didn't make any changes to any default sendmail configuration settings, so it's still at mail() PHP function.

        It's an odd issue. We were only informed of the problem by the client last week - the upgrade was made a while ago. So I can go only by her own comment that this started after the upgrade. So perhaps there is a different reason ... Any ideas of anything else that could stop eform from sending its emails? This site is sitting on the same servers as other MODX Evo sites with eform. No reports yet of issues for anyone else ...
        • Maybe you can connect the hosting provider if there where any changes, they should be able to see an error or whats going on when you are trying to send a message.
          On Direct Admin there is a checkbox for sending mail by the server or not, was the problem with me once.
          Maybe the hosting limit is reached or something silly like that.
            Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley