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  • Hello everyone!!

    I'm working with Shopkeeper and trying to connect it to Paypal using a snippet and a hook to send the info.

    I need to send the total price and other placeholders but I don't know exactly how.

    I have the shop call in the page:
    [[!Shopkeeper@custom? &propertySetName=`custom` &noJQuery= `1` & LinkAllow = `0` &Lang=`english` ]]

    Everything works perfect, but if I try to display the total price in any other area in the page I can't.
    I'm trying using the placeholder [[+total_price]] doesn't work, and move the shopkeeper data to the snippet is not working at all.

    can anyone please tell me how to move the info?

    Thank you very much!!! [ed. note: Ysanmiguel last edited this post 6 years, 8 months ago.]
    • OK Done!!

      [[+shk.price_total]] - The total price of the order.

      [[+shk.items_total]] - The number of items in the cart.

      [[+shk.items_unique_total]] - The number of items in the cart unikalnyz.

      [[+shk.currency]] - Currency.

      This are the placeholders to show the info in the page...

      Now what is the structure to show this in the snippet to send that info to paypal?
      • It all depends on how you are using PayPal. There may be a URL with a query string to hold the data being passed, or it may be passed as form fields. In either case, use the placeholders to generate the required string or field values.
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        • Thank you for your answer smiley

          I'm following the instructions in shopkeeper documentation, they have this example to move the info using php.

          <? Php
          $ Data = array (
              'ID' => '123456'
              'Totalcount' => '200'
              'ReturnUrl' => 'http://mysite.com/return.html'

          With paypal should be similar, but I'm not sure how to call this info: [[+shk.price_total]], [[+shk.items_total]], [[+shk.currency]] insithe the snippet, once I know that I can continue doing the paypal connection.
          • OK I think I'll try with this:


            and this:

                $order_id = $_SESSION [ 'shk_order_id' ]; 
                $fields [ 'payment' ]  = $_SESSION [ 'shk_payment_method' ]; 
                $price = $_SESSION [ 'shk_order_price' ]; 
                $currency = $_SESSION [ 'shk_currency' ]; 
                $userId = $_SESSION [ 'shk_order_user_id' ];

            any advice?

            thank you!!!
            • No look moving the shopkeeper info to the snippet... help please, a small guide.

              Thank you!!!