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    I recently installed MODX 2.2.8-pl and was attempting to install a template, but every time I try to install it I get the following errors in the console popup box:

    Could not validate vehicle: Array ( [setup-options] => base-1.2.0-pl/setup-options.php [enduser_option_merge] => yes [enduser_install_action_default] => merge [enduser_option_samplecontent] => yes [enduser_install_samplecontent_default] => yes [signature] => 422890094c8d09f729fa789bdc04d65e [install_replace] => replace [sample_content] => yes [action] => install [register] => mgr [topic] => /workspace/package/install/base-1.2.0-pl/ [HTTP_MODAUTH] => modx5445861d4bc235.08210393_154469b49cb37b1.61856744 [package_action] => 0 [vehicle_package] => transport [vehicle_class] => xPDOTransportVehicle [class] => xPDOTransportVehicle [guid] => e879743e599e6000330336ea0d243e9c [native_key] => e879743e599e6000330336ea0d243e9c [filename] => xPDOTransportVehicle/422890094c8d09f729fa789bdc04d65e.vehicle [object] => Array ( [source] => base-1.2.0-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/422890094c8d09f729fa789bdc04d65e/ [target] => return MODX_CORE_PATH . 'packages/'; [name] => getpage-1.2.4-pl.transport.zip ) [resolve] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [type] => php [body] => {"source":"base-1.2.0-pl\/xPDOTransportVehicle\/422890094c8d09f729fa789bdc04d65e.getpage-1.2.4-pl.resolver","type":"php","name":"getpage-1.2.4-pl"} ) ) [validate] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [type] => php [body] => {"source":"base-1.2.0-pl\/xPDOTransportVehicle\/422890094c8d09f729fa789bdc04d65e.getpage-1.2.4-pl.validator","type":"php","name":"getpage-1.2.4-pl"} ) ) [package] => ) 
    xPDOVehicle validator failed: type php (/home/content/69/6826269/html/bws/core/packages/base-1.2.0-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/9e85fe90fe300859a8230917e208d376.getresources-1.6.1-pl.validator)

    And it continues to repeat similar errors, plus this one:

    The native key provided in the vehicle does not match the primary key field(s) for the object: 
    Skipping vehicle object of class modTemplateVar (data object exists and cannot be upgraded); criteria: Array ( [name] => 2nd-column ) 
    [resource] install sample content? yes


    I'm curious if it has anything to do with permissions or the wrong directory. Or if it's not connecting properly to my DB. I have absolutely no clue what any of this means.

    Please take it easy on me. I'm new to MODX. I'm trying to learn quickly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    • Most errors on installations that throw such cryptic errors happen, when a file or part of a file is missing. Can you overwrite all FTP data? That solves it most of the times for me smiley
      • You should not be using that version of MODX, it has known security issues. Please use the latest version, 2.2.16 if you wish to continue using the 2.2 branch, or 2.3.2.
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          Thank you for your responses. I do have access to the FTP. I will try to upload and overwrite the files later today. And I will consider updating to the new version. Unfortunately, this is what was installed from the hosting company I am currently using.

          Will write back with an update. thanks!