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  • Does anybody knows how to set the FormItCountryOptions list to another language? I need it in Dutch. I changed the language codes in systemsettings, but nothing changes on the frontend in de select field.

    This question has been answered by donquicky. See the first response.

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      I believe FormIt uses the cultureKey value in the system settings to include the desired country file (default us.countries.inc.php).
      These files are stored in: core/components/formit/includes/

      There is a dutch lexicon (nl.states.inc.php) present, but it shows a list of states. If you want the country list in Dutch, I guess you have to translate the us.countries.inc.php and name it nl.countries.inc.php in order to get it called by FormIt based on the cultureKey.
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      • There is such a list in core/lexicon/country, you might be able to access that directly, or at least copy it to the formit lexicon.
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        • I see the code and i found:
          $country = $this->getOption('country','us');
          then: [[!FormItCountryOptions? &selected=`[[!+fi.country]]` &country=`[[++cultureKey]]` ]]
          in the documentation i don't found country param but is used!