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    Whether I create a new board via the button or the contextual menu on the category grid, it is not saved.

    What's up with that?
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      There is a bug in this area, pls be careful. When I first got started I had a terrible time.

      The biggest thing you can watch for is the switching of the order of cats. Basically it seems it will do this once, and perhaps only once.

      You *can* make boards and cats that will save and preserve order. In this case log out and in, and try different ways to make the board. The bug isn't so bad that you can't do anything. But it causes trouble and what I did was make a bunch of categories and boards within them and made them all as hidden, 'inactive' is i think the term used. But the downside of this is that, in the user profile, there is a link to user preferences, which shows those inactive boards :sigh:

      So I had to haul out that link too, in the user profile chunk. Haha always some issue somewhere.

      And you probably don't want to drag and drop too much, although after a couple bad experiences I found I basically could drag and drop successfully, most of the time, and even when it didn't work it didn't mess with other stuff.

      I still have one board that I can't delete so I had to set it to inactive. The bug can be seen in the log, but there is no fix now.