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  • Hello,

    I have 2 pages that use the same form but some of the content is a bit different around it. I have this for the template:


    The $ContactUs chunk is as follows:

    <div class="page container">
      <div class="content">
          <article class="page">
                <img src="/assets/images/site/header/contact-us.jpg" alt="Apply Today" class="header-image">
      </div><!-- end content -->
    </div><!-- end page container -->

    The key elements being that if this is the Application page (the id of which is identified by a context setting) then we'll show this chunk: $AppForm

    Similarly, if the context type (i.e. the context_type context setting) is corporate we're going to show the $CorporateSideBar, otherwise show the $FranchiseSideBar chunk.

    We also have the following settings for this context (we use the same form across multiple contexts:

    language: es
    cultureKey: es
    locale: es-ES.UTF-8
    context_type: corporate

    Now, when on the contact page, the form renders in the correct language (i.e. First Name is Nombre).

    However, on the application page, First Name remains First name, even though it's the same chunk ($CorporateContactForm) and the same context with the cultureKey set to es. But if we comment out this:


    Then we get the correct language in the form and in the sidebar.

    Looking at AppForm we have this:

    <a class="pdf" href="/[[#[[++franchise_info_id]].tv.franchise_application_source]]">[[%lcf.apply_pdf_download? &topic=`lcf` &language=`[[++cultureKey]]`]]</a>

    If we take out the reference to the lexicon file, i.e. this:

    [[%lcf.apply_pdf_download? &topic=`lcf` &language=`[[++cultureKey]]`]]

    Then the rest of the lexicon entries referenced in the form and the sidebar work. But if we put any lexicon reference in place of this one it renders the rest of the page in English rather than Spanish.

    I can't figure out why.

    This question has been answered by rx2. See the first response.

    • discuss.answer
      Solved. I had originally started using Lexicon Management but found it cumbersome so switched to a file based system and namespace and topic got mixed up. Once I deleted the name space I was no longer using the issue resolved.