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    I am searching for an option to change (or modify) the URL that is generated for links to user profiles in posts and the moderator list.

    So it always generates "../../u/username/" (the discuss specific user page).

    But I want to use my own profile page! For example: "../profile.html?u=username".

    Anybody knows where I can change this?

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      Hm...I think you nee to link to the ID of the resource you want to use and add the variable like this:

      <a href="[[~XXX]]?u=username">LINKTEXT</a>

      XXX stands for the target-resource (your profile.html). The username should be replaced by a placeholder which holds the username you want to access (e.g. [[+username]]).

      On the targetting ressource call a custom snippet to get the variable off your URL:

      custom snippet

      $user = $_GET['u'];

      Then you should get the username that got added as the variable to the URL.