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    I'm making an own template for Discuss for a german forum.

    So I have to translate all Buttons/Actions but I can't find all texts.

    For example: "New Post" and "Mark All Read" in thread lists ....

    Does anybody know where I can find these?!

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      Yes I can tell you all about this. The only limit is my memory haha.

      Discuss rocks because ALL of this stuff can be changed in the templates. I walked away from Vanilla when I found that the most basic thing, (the 'Howdy Partner' on their signup/login button) can only be changed by using a php script.

      Anyway enough bs, in the templates there are a few with important info. Don' be worried about the number of templates, most of them have nothing in there (so they are only an opportunity for *you* to stick your content in there if you like).

      These extra templates have one line only. All the good stuff is in nice chunks (not always called chunks mind you in the filename) for you to get at. There are only probably 7-8 that are important totally, scattered throughout the default template files.

      For buttons, they should be in the dispostbuttons.tpl which is in the chunks folder of template/default/, I am pretty sure they are there but can't check right now. New post is in post/default I think, and so on...

      One small warning though, there is some duplication in there. When I tried to take out the buttons in one template I got no result, but then I found the other one...

      Now in a way MODX gives you more freedom, but it sometimes feels somewhat strange, other of the important text strings are in the lexicon files. The lexicon is a modx feature which allows for precisely the kind of control you are asking about ;-)

      Here, its a bit imperfect as many strings are in the code, maybe in the future we can get most into the lexicon. But its still an even easier way, if the string is there. Oh, by the way, if you want the string out of there, you can simply remove the string from lexicon, it becomes null string and disappears, OR you can remove the call to the lexicon in the code. More control.

      Finally, I suspect a few of the important settings will be in the normal system settings for discuss. Now, don't get me started on the manifest, the hierarchachal php script that sits on top of all this and can let you do even more.

      So, go forth and prosper my friend! And let us know if you have any problems.
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        Thank you very much! That helped me out!

        It was a big fight to find all the corrert pages/snippets/chunks/texts/... to modify them!
        But in the end it was worth it!

        I definitely have to write down the places of the correct files to find them again in the future!
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          Discuss 2 will probably organize these a lot and make it easier. It should be out maybe next year sometime, not that I know anything special.