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    i've currently installed Discussed and added my Categories and Forums.

    Now when I want to add a new post I can enter a title and a text.
    But when I click on "Start a New Post" it does not save it and reloads the form instead with cleared fields ......

    Any solution for this?

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      Hmm this is interesting, its probably an error that is resetting it.

      Can you check your error log for any information? That's the first thing.

      Other than that, are you getting to the new post page through a category? What I mean is, if the new post doesn't know what category to put it in, it will cause an error. It might seem strange but I want to make sure about this issue.

      Have you been able to make any posts at all? To ask another way, does this happen every time?

      I can remember something like this happening to me once or twice but not after.