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    this is my getResources call:


    and in the articleRow chunk:


    The TV is set with a media source pointing to assets/img/articles, but I can't get to display the full path to the image. Only the image filename is displayed.

    I read similar problems and they all where solved by adding &processTVs=`1`, but as you can see it doesn't work for me. Any idea?

    An alternative would be to display the media source path, and then have


    But it looks like a hack to me... getResources should process the TV according to the media source.

    Any idea?

    This question has been answered by sottwell. See the first response.

      MODX Revolution 2.2.14-pl (traditional)
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      Is the path and URL of the Media Source actually

      Because if it is, you need to put the / at the end of the path and URL. Also, make sure that the "basePathRelative" and "baseURLRelative" are set to "Yes".
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        Yes I wrote it wrong in here, it did have the / at the end and both were relative but... the baseUrl was emtpy (headbang). It works now thanks!
          MODX Revolution 2.2.14-pl (traditional)