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  • Hi Everyone!

    Okay, so i got this issue which i'm not sure how to fix. I tried updating the siblingnav packages without succes, than tried deleting it and redownload-/installing it and also without succes. It seems like it cannot unpack the files needed? Strange thing is however when i download a different package and install it theres no error whatsoever? So i'm kinda lost cause i was searching for a solutions from within the xpdo but i guess this has nothing to do with it than? I double checked the file permissions and dirs are 755 + files are 644.

    The error message:
    * MODX Console Output
    * @date 2014-08-14 14:26:25
    Bezig met installeren van pakket: siblingnav-1.0.2-pl
    Pakket gevonden...installatie voorbereieden.
    Could not find package manifest at /home/usr/domains/erminsa.nl/public_html/core/packages/siblingnav-1.0.2-pl/manifest.php
    Could not unpack package /home/usr/domains/erminsa.nl/public_html/core/packages/siblingnav-1.0.2-pl.transport.zip to /home/usr/domains/erminsa.nl/public_html/core/packages/. SIG: siblingnav-1.0.2-pl
    Kon pakket niet installeren met kenmerk: siblingnav-1.0.2-pl
    /* EOF */

    Thanks in advance!


    This question has been answered by absent42. See the first response.

    • discuss.answer
      There's an error in the install package. Download the zip from MODX.com/extras, open up the zip and rename the folder siblingnav-1.0.1-pl to siblingnav-1.0.2-pl upload to the core packages folder via ftp, search for packages locally, then install.

      Or as an alternative, use pdoNeighbors from pdoTools.
      • I like pdoTools. It comes with a set of snippets to list just about anything, and the library is great to use to get custom lists.
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