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    this is working great!
    Its added with the next version.


      you can buy me a beer, if you like MIGX


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      Great to hear - did you find a solution to add a proper "drop invitation"?

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        The drag & drop template worked great but the ability to right-click and edit more than 1 item in the grid was broken. The entire page would have to be refreshed in order to edit another item.

        I saw some items were removed from the original default.grid.tpl so I merged the differences and it all works as expected. Attached is the modified version of dragdrop.grid.tpl. Hope it helps someone!
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          Thanks for making this available ChrstnMgcn. Do you know if Bruno is aware of this update and/or have you done a PR to the project?

          Also, for those like me who saw the mention of an attachment and no file there: you need to be logged into the forum to see attachments.
          • It looks like MIGX includes the dragdrop grid in the lastest version, but how to I target the right field to make it reorder after drop?

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              I am trying to get the drag&drop functionality working for my MIGX CMP. Is there anything, that I should do in addition to this:

              1.) I replaced the content of the file core > components > migx > templates > mgr > grids > dragdrop.grid.tpl with the content of ChrstnMgcn's "dragdropmod.grid.tpl".

              2.) In my MIGX Configuration > MigxdbSettings > field "Grid" I entered "dragdrop".

              Now when I drag&drop something in my CMP, I get the "1 selected row" label while dragging. On release I see a "Loading..." label on top of my CMP for about 1 Second. And after that everything is just like it was before. Nothing happens.. Every row stays exactly where it was. It seems to me like if the row doesn't get "placed" when I release the mouse button.

              Is there anything that I have to do in addition to the two steps mentioned above? [ed. note: aaantz last edited this post 7 years, 2 months ago.]
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                Just in case someone else has the same problem. To achieve drag&drop ordering in migx db you have to do the following:

                1. Add a column "pos" to your (mysql) table
                2. Add a column "pos" to your Grid (maybe not necessary - but just for testing)
                3. Edit in the category MIGXdb-Settings the field "getlist defaultsort" and set it to "pos"
                4. Edit in the category MIGXdb-Settings the field "Grid" and set it to "dragdrop"