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  • Trying to think what would kill that socket connection... would the sessions table being corrupted do something like that? The front-end gets its connection and works fine, but the back-end, while getting a good connection initially, appears to fall down when trying to access the session table to record the login.
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      Hello all,

      Really thanks for all the help and again sorry for the late replay, had my annual leave which was a bit longer this time smiley

      I have tried all the options and no luck so finally I just came to a conclusion it will take less time just to start the installation from scratch. At the end with the new installation I noticed that I can't download extras because cURL is not enabled on the server, so I'm guessing Babel had the same problem. It's really a shame I couldn't get full server access, it would probably made things much faster, but well, it is what it is.

      Again thanks for all the help, much appreciated, I do have one question though, do you recommend any other extra that would help connecting same pages of different languages in a easy way or is there anything I could do to make life easier for future editing?