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    I have recently upgraded my site to Evo 1.0.14 but find my previous version of easy2gallery 1.4.8 stopped working.

    So having looked around the modx site and forums decided to upgrade to 1.4.14

    That didnt go too well, so I then decided to go for a new install, deleted the old module and started again.

    Although the backend looks fine, and I can see images in the folder I created, I cant get the gallery/slideshow to work on the front end.

    on the front end I get an error message:

    Template thumb_tpl is not found!
    Template tpl is not found!

    The code Im using to call it

    [!easy2? &gid='14' &slideshow=`galleriffic` &ss_config=`example-2` &w=`70` &h=`70` &ss_limit=`260`!]



      • 25773
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      I noticed in the settings in admin that under Templates tab some of the links are to _1.htm files

      ie assets/modules/easy2/templates/default/gallery_1.htm

      which arent there when I checked my folder. So have uploaded them from my old files, but then I get nothing at all on the front end.

      Hope that someone can help me figure this out otherwise will turn to something else outside of modx.