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  • These themes are both packaged with FormIt and pdoTools.

    I used the ThemePackagerComponent extra for them, and it's a bit buggy. While both theme packages install as expected in 2.2.x and 2.3, there will be a bunch of odd messages in the installer console, and they don't uninstall well at all.

    I would recommend not trying to uninstall them from the Package Manager. While they will happily uninstall FormIt and pdoTools, even if you had installed those packages yourself previously, they will, in the end, fail to uninstall themselves. Just remove or repurpose the templates and chunks, and delete the supporting assets/themes/ directories. You can unpublish and repurpose the resources, if you installed the sample content.

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      Apparently installing the package seems to effect the Formit and pdoTools.

      Re-installing them as-they-are (damaged?) is no use.
      They have to be removed forcibly, re-downloaded and re-installed both.

      Maybe the 'ThemePackagerCompo...' doesn't check for the presence of packed Packages...