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  • I'm trying to change a field chunk because I need to add a class to an <input> tag. Where can I do this?
    I have tried to modify core/components/mxformbuilder/elements/chunks/field.text.chunk.tpl but nothing at all happens to the form. Nothing that I add changes anything. Are the chunks located in a different place?


    This question has been answered by charless. See the first response.

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      You should use the chunks in the Manager which are stored in the database, only if the database "default" value is not found will it fail back to the file system default chunk. Also, depending on what specifically your trying to do you can create a custom input type which is an alternative to using the chunk and will save time if you plan to have multiple options. The savings comes in by using the custom input type you will not have to modify the snippet call on the forms to change to the chunk with the modified code.

      Hope that helps.

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