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  • I have a project specification that requires the end users be able to edit fields on a page independently of one another with an "Edit" button next to each field. I have done some light customization to the NpEditThisButton snippet to allow for specific fields to be displayed on the edit page depending on which button is pushed (I have hidden form fields being generated with the values) and this works fine, until a second edit button is added to the page.

    Is it possible to add multiple NpEditThisButton buttons to a single page and have it work? I have searched both Google and this forum for a solution and haven't found any posts directly related to this issue (the closest I found was this: http://bit.ly/1rM41s7). I can think of multiple ways to hack around this but I would prefer to do it right if possible. Can anyone shed some light on accomplishing this?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

    This question has been answered by theturk. See the first response.

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      I figured this one out shortly after posting. The submit button is automatically generated with an id of npSubmit, this was causing the first form generated to always be submitted. I updated the snippet to also assign a randomly generated extension to the ID and it's working fine now.

      Hopefully this will help someone else in the future smiley