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  • Hi,

    Currently experiencing issues with the layout of our site in Internet explorer (no surprise there!). The website is working fine in every other browser. When you click on the navigation bars on the left such as Full time courses and Part time/Love2Learn courses, none of the listings are appearing, I've added a screenshot here: http://imgur.com/ML3BYRk

    The website also changes regarding the font size, colour and a few elements are out of place such as the slider at the top of the page. The website address is www.citybathcoll.ac.uk if you want to see it first hand. Any help would be seriously appreciated, Thanks. [ed. note: jonneh last edited this post 7 years, 4 months ago.]
    • This is most likely a css and not a MODX issue and it would be helpful to know in which version of IE you're experiencing the problems! From a quick scan with chromes devtools or firbug I suspect that the "navBottom" + float: left; is the origin of the issue, hit F12 in IE to launch the devtools and search for that element and maybe try to add overflow: hidden; or zoom: 1; to force the "hasLayout" property or give the "navBottom" element a fixed width (seems wider than navTop)...
      • The version of IE that the problems we're being caused in was IE7, I added the X-UA meta tag for it to be rendered in IE8 where no bugs appear.