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    I have created document resource with formIt and getResources snippet tags.

    When I open this document resource in front it is rendered fine.
    When I include this resource into another document resource usning [[!getResources...]] tag, it is rendered fine too.

    but when I try to render this resource using modx runSnippet method inside of my custom snippet which is placed in another document resource,
            $params = array();
            $params['tpl'] = '@INLINE [[+content]]';
            $params['parents'] = '-1';
            $params['resources'] = $resObject->id;
            $params['includeContent'] = '1';
            $content = $modx->runSnippet('getResources', $params);

    then formIt tags remains unprocessed. Interesting, that other getResources tag in the same resource are processed fine.

    All tags and documents are marked as uncached.
    Any suggestions?