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  • I have a nested migx grid. If I wanted to duplicate the record in the parent grid and have it duplicate the child MIGX grid, how to do that?

    The nested grid is a migxdb type, not migx JSON string.
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      first, you will need to have a way, to check in the update-processor (or in a customized save-function of your object)
      if this is a duplication.

      This should be simple.
      Add a (hidden) field with the id of your source-object to the form

      Then, on update, if the object_id is 'new' and the source-object - id is not empty, it seems to be a duplicate.
      Now you can duplicate the children with getMany/addMany inside your customized update-processor (or in a customized save-function of your parent-object)

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      • Ahhh, the hidden field is what I was missing as a means to get the source object id.

        I'll work on this later today and post the final for others.

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          Scott Stewart Reply #4, 9 years ago
          Hi Jason, is it possible for you to post the customized update-processor (or save-function) you used to accomplish this? OR did you take another route? I am getting stuck on the same problem. Thanks!