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  • I was adding a new entry to a calendar but the browser window was too small to see the 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons. I maximised the browser and the 'Create New Event' window jumped up the screen with the top part of it not displayed. As I had already entered the dates for the event I clicked 'Save'. The event saved fine but now when I try to enter a new event the pop up window is too high inside the browser and I can't see any of the date fields. I've tried updating to the latest version of mxCalendar, restarting my browser (Chromium), tried a different browser (Firefox) and even a different pc but the window is always in the same place.

    If I use Chromium's developer tools then I can see what appears to be the issue;

    <div id="CreateCal" class=" x-window modx-window x-window-noborder x-window-plain x-resizable-pinned" style="position: absolute; z-index: 9003; visibility: visible; left: 619px; top: -200px; width: 1091px; display: block;">

    The top is set to -200px. I can edit this in the developer tools and the window displays properly. I can then add a new event but the next time I try to add an event the window reverts to the position off the top of the browser canvas.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    • Hi Graham, I have clients experiencing the same thing with mxCalendar, however I am not. The only difference is that I am using a Mac and they are on Windows, we are all using Firefox 31.0, they have tried other browsers and get the same result. I'd be interested to know if you found a solution.

      I would guess that the "top:-200px;" value must be being set by a script that is taking display parameters and creating appropriate positioning values, but ending up wrong because the script is calculating a minus value based on the display info given. So there must be a difference in how the Mac OS and Windows supply the display information, which leads me to think that the positioning script needs to include code to get the OS info and adjust the calculation accordingly, or there is something else wrong with the positioning script. So either way I guess you could call this a bug.

      Hopefully Charless will see this and offer a fix at some point smiley

      Cheers - Mark
      • Quote from: zaphodx at Aug 12, 2014, 03:55 PM
        Hi Graham, I have clients experiencing the same thing with mxCalendar, however I am not. I'd be interested to know if you found a solution.

        Hi Mark

        I did eventually fix it. It's a while ago but I think it was a combination of trying different size screens and playing with the developer tools to get the window to reset itself to a better position. I think you're right that we can class this as a bug smiley

        Incidentally, I caused the issue when using my Linux machine and tried various browsers and a Windows machine but not a Mac.


        • Thanks for your reply Graham. Oddly, talking with my client, they said that the first time they accessed the calendar it wasn't a problem, but subsequently it has been. I asked them if they had updated or changed anything in between it working and not working and as far as they can remember they hadn't.

          Hopefully Charless will be working on a 2.3 compatible revision that may have some bug fixes in it.

          Cheers - Mark