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    Hi all,

    i have a distro version of our customised MODX setup in a developmentcloud. It has a customised manager that needs custom files form /manager/templates/ourTheme.
    But when i create a snapshot form that Distro cloud (template = complete) and then create a new cloud from that snapshot. the custom manager theme is not in the new cloud resulting in a crashed (white page) manager. I tried this several times but it's the same every time.
    Are snapshots not the way to setup new clouds? Are we doing something wrong? a bug in ModxCloud?

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      Snapshots do not contain anything in the manager folder - it is annoying.
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        That is silly,
        And misleading since the template choice 'Complete' states :
        Extracts a snapshot of an entire MODX Cloud deployment. All core MODX tables are truncated and extension_packages paths are resolved upon injection to a target Cloud deployment. WARNING: These snapshots will completely replace an existing MODX Cloud deployment including data and files.

        Including data and files
        • That would explain why custom lexicon files don't come over as well. Good to know.