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  • This is a manually generated topic for SIMPLX_Controller 0.8.0-Beta4 by larscwallin.
    • Hi Lars,
      I've set up Simplx_Controller all fine and it's processing through to my snippet.
      There are two things I don't really get:

      1. Using query.id:

      Say I have a friendly url:

      where category is an existing resource but subcategory is not, how can I return a page, using $modx->sendForward(pageid) without triggering the routing again? If I don't do this I get a 404 and I don't see the output.

      2. Switching to rest using your example:

      Using a url like
      , I am also getting a 404 but, with $debugmode on, I can see the output is running.

      [ed. note: hyponym last edited this post 7 years, 2 months ago.]
      • bump
        • Using Rev 2.3.3
          Have you made any progress with Simplx Controller?
          I'm experimenting with it and am too getting a 404 response but the debug output is running using rest.
          • @littleseal, No I didn't get it to work so I switched to https://github.com/Jako/CustomRequest
            • Looks good, thanks for the suggestion