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    I'm exploring the possibility of adding a 3rd party component (simple ecommerce panel) into the Manager. I'm not looking for deep integration (only at manager auth level). In EVO this could be simply achieved by capturing with an iFrame -> is there a similar technique to simply "capture" the app within a Manager page?

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      I would start from here http://rtfm.modx.com/revolution/2.x/developing-in-modx/advanced-development/custom-manager-pages

      (follow the first three steps)

      Then you can add your custom index file.

      I also use the following commands to include some css and js


      then I use this to make it look like a manager page

      <div class='x-panel modx-page-header x-panel-noborder' >
      	<h2>A Page title</h2>
      <div class='stage-panel-body'>

      in here you sure can implement an iframe...