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  • (Evo 1.0.12)

    I am new to Evo. I need help with menus.

    I have been using just pure CSS for menus for a while on websites I have built, and in the new site I'm just starting, there will be lots of menu options - both dropdown and flyout. Plus the navigation buttons change background color if on a page within that part of the navigation tree. Can this be done within Evo? And, the site owner could then create a new menu option, if they ever need to (without having to come back to me for help.)

    In MODX Manager, there is only:
    Menu Title
    Menu Index
    Show in Menu

    I'm not sure if the built-in functionality is going to be enough to handle dropdowns and flyouts (I doubt it) but I'm curious if there is documentation that explains the menu system as it is.

    AND/OR is this something that should be written as a Snippet? Or is this something that I might find in an Extra? (Wayfinder blurb makes it sound powerful, but reading the comments in the forum makes it sound like there are some problems - how would I know in advance if there is a menu "Extra" that can handle dropdowns and flyouts, and allow me to just use CSS and not JavaScript?

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice.


    This question has been answered by sottwell. See the first response.

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      Wayfinder is pretty much the same for Evo and for Revo, the above docs are for Evo. For Revo, you need to take care to change the tag syntax ([[+placeholder]] instead of [+placeholder+])
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