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  • Quote from: juliolopez78 at Mar 19, 2014, 05:23 PM
    QuickManager issue aside, are you saying that in 1.0.14 or whatever is next, www.domain.tld/45 won't work? or will you add an option to the MODX config settings to allow this kind of url?
    An option to turn it on or off would be great. I somehow doubt that I'm the only one out there that uses that format of url with MODx.

    You're not! And this is quick fix (maybe not the sanest one, after Vagrant+CentOS docs and stepping through get/cleanDocumentIdentifier() functions gave me a terrible headache):

    Change //@TODO in this line:

    with the following code:
    					          if (is_numeric($alias) && !empty($this->aliasListing[intval($alias)])) {
                          $this->documentIdentifier = intval($alias);
                        } else {

    wrapping $this->sendErrorPage(); in closing else afterwards: