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  • This question may not pertain specifically to 10.0.12, but that's the version I'm running so I'm posting here.

    I have a site with a number of levels of web user account access. For simplicity's sake, we can use 'manager' and 'user' as the levels. In the past few days, 'users' trying to register vehicles have been unsuccessful once they submit the form. They are taken to an 'Unauthorized Access' page. The same has been happening at the 'manager' level as well when they switch between categories.

    This had been working flawlessly until the last few weeks. I've checked the permissions on the resource and they are correct, but I'm really an intermediate when it comes to permissions settings in MODx.

    When a user registers an account with the site, they are assigned to a webgroup called "Registered Users". They can also assign themselves to a number of specific categories, but the core permission for access to the resource is "Registered Users". This setting is correctly set on my resource.

    I'm wondering if they are being logged out prematurely. If they are, how would I fix that?

    [EDIT] - I'd also like to add that no php errors are being generated in the log or the System Events. And I have been unable to replicate the problem on my end at all. The only commonality between all affected users is Windows, but not the same browser or the same version OS. Really stumped.

    [EDIT - 2/11/14] - This is still a huge problem. Is it possible for the SESSION to time out? Where I believe my PHP is failing is a $modx->getLoginUserID() in the __construct function of my class. The browser cookies are all in tact throughout. If I navigate back to the login, I am still logged in (using WebLoginPE), but the PHP behaves as if it no longer recognizes me as 'webValidated'. I really need to get this solved. We have a registration event coming up in a few weeks and this has to operating normally again. If somebody wants to make some money helping out on this, PM me.

    This question has been answered by Jako. See the first response.

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      • Jako,

        Thanks for this link. It was at least part of the problem. Rather than full, it appeared to be corrupted. There were no files in it and it read at 0 bytes, but the Rackspace tech saw it empty at 12MB. Trashed that. Created a new sessions folder and made some changes in my .htaccess and all is working properly now. I've been logged in for 2 hours without any issues.

        Thanks, again!