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  • Quote from: redtoad at Jun 26, 2014, 12:02 PM
    What I ended up having an issue with was large files.

    I found it by renaming the images folder to images-old. The new empty images folder loaded fine. Then I transferred the images from images-old back to the images folder in small batches, checking for breakage in between each transfer.

    I found the offending image was humungous, once i resized it and reuploaded it was fine. I also checked the "transliterate filenames" box in the config and double checked all permissions, some were not right. My .thumbs was named .thumb which was odd.

    anyhow it works now.

    Just have an "unknown problem" with CKFinder and Isolved with redtoad advice, renaming images folder and creating a new one is a great solution.

    Thank you Girl!! smiley