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  • Hi Everbody,

    I set up an evolution 1.12 website for a client and now I get an error mail saying
    Important System Files have been modified.

    every time a user (so me or my client) logs into the manager.
    I do have several site, but it only happens to sites at the hoster all-inkl.com.(which seem to be a little bit special ;-) )

    None of the listet files

    • index.php
    • .htaccess
    • manager/index.php
    • manager/includes/config.inc.php

    had been modfied - as far as i can see by the date.
    I know, there is something different to other providers with the rights and usergroups but Im not a server-whats-ever-nerd, im just a designer.

    What can be the reason for this. How can I prevent it?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend

      Smile, it confuses people!
    • I suspect that this may be some kind of distributed or Cloud server, and the server is doing something internally so that it can keep track of which physical server you got the files from. If it is the case, then I would suspect the only remedy would be to turn that feature off altogether.
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      • I have it too all the time, on shared hosting servers, I just set it off in config settings
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