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  • Recently upgraded to 1.0.10 from 0.9.6 and I am experiencing problems with users logging in.

    1. I have set the web user to be blocked after three unsuccessful attempts with a wait time of 60 minutes. However, the block does not automatically expire. I have not found anything related to this in bug tracking or in the forums. Where should I start looking to resolve this issue?

    2. The forgot password feature does not work (consistently?). They are sent the email with the new password and activation link. They click the link and receive the activation message, but are unable to log in with the supplied password. They end up being blocked; see above.

    3. I found this bug: http://tracker.modx.com/issues/9870, Login won't let mgr, web users login with special characters in password and will be applying. Any chance items 1 & 2 could be related?

    Any help appreciated.
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