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    Just wondering if anyone here was at the cloud session in Cologne and what was announced?
    Thanks smiley
    • If memory serves me right, there wasn't anything new really announced. It was a kind of "State of Cloud" message, going more into detail about the Siphon Labs problem and that more effort will be placed into bringing more features to cloud, including SSL.

      Can anyone else add to that?
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      • What I got out of it is that the Cloud won't have production accounts, it will be strictly for developers. There's a snapshot feature (forget what it's called now) that will allow for very easy import/export of entire sites.

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        • Ben is correct, I didn't announce or unveil any new MODX Cloud features or changes at MODXpo. I did:

          • underscore our commitment to continuing to stabilize and improve performance across our system
          • highlight a few wins we've had in terms of stability and features since MODX Cloud came back under the umbrella of MODX, the company, in July
          • talk generally about our direction, which as Susan noted, has us focused on being an amazing platform for developing MODX projects

          In fact, hosting is not going away, it's going to continue to be an aspect of the services we provide. But we want our users to have the freedom to host production sites with other trusted hosting partners, or in fact anywhere they like. Current users and plans will be grandfathered (meaning that you can keep your existing plans and production sites in place).

          Perhaps the biggest announcement was that we have open-sourced the technology behind Snapshots in MODX Cloud. It's been renamed from Siphon to Teleport https://github.com/modxcms/teleport/. Along with this, and the commitment to opening up the platform more, you will be able to export your sites from MODX Cloud and install them anywhere. This capability has not been created just yet, and we don't have an exact ETA.

          I also talked a bit about Marketplace, describing it as a way that you will be able to buy or sell anything that you can put in a MODX Transport Package (e.g. Extras, Themes, vertical site distributions etc).

          Finally, and this is not exactly about the MODX Cloud product, but I talked a little about site performance and the single biggest and most common bottleneck that we see to good site performance which is image thumbnails. I briefly previewed a technique that I've been working on to bypass not only MODX itself on thumbnail requests, but PHP as well, which is critical for a site under higher load. I am currently finishing up some work on an extra along with some custom rewrite rules which are specific to MODX Cloud and Nginx, to demonstrate this technique.
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