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    The Cloud FAQ states that "At this time we do not offer email services".

    Does this include all type of outgoing mail from the (cloud)server? I don't want a mail account or a POP-server but I do need to have a confirmation email sent (from the server) to an end user submitting a specific form. Is this possible?

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      The Modx cloud server will send out emails but you can't setup email accounts to send or receive, you will need to use the registrars ( 123 reg, godaddy etc ) email settings or create MX records with the registrars to point to the correct ip address.

      Just to clarify, if your using a custom contact form, formit or any other system, the email will be sent from MODX cloud but you can not use it to set up email accounts.
      • I opened a support ticket a few days ago about sending emails from MODX Cloud; we needed to send many notification and alert emails per day. Ryan said in the support ticket even though technically the server does send emails when they're submitted from FormIt, etc it actually borderline violates the MODX Cloud Terms of Service.

        Ryan also said in the support ticket that they recommend intergrating Mandrill from MailChimp and Postmarkapp.com to send emails.

        But for your purpose of sending just one or two confirmation emails it might be totally okay, it would be best for you to open your own support ticket to clarify how you intend to send emails from the server.
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          Ill post this in the forum (and not as a support ticket at this time) since what I need is probably not at all unique and other forum users may be interested in the answer.

          To clarify things a bit this is an example of what I would want to do for one of my customers that I consider moving to MODX Cloud:

          About four or five times every year my customer gives classes that require student to sign up using a web form. When submitting the form an email is sent to max 3 recepients (1 or 2 to the submitter and 1 to my customer). During the following weeks an email is also sent to every submitter from an admin-interface (also in Modx) as payment is registered (or when a reminder needs to be sent out). Since there may well be 300 submission on every occasion the number of mails being sent during a month can exceed 1000. Every each one is however a result of manual interaction with the site.

          Would the above violate the TOS?