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  • Description
    E-Mail Obfuscation with Javascript.

    This plugin replaces all plaintext emails and email links with span elements. Then the email addresses are encrypted and stored in javascript variables. Javascript decryption routines are triggered by the browser on 'window.onload' event and replace the span elements with the real email addresses.

    The plugin does not modify adresses inside <form> tags. So posted and not validated forms do not break. If the 'No javascript' message setting contains a number, a link to a MODX resource with that ID is generated. This could i.e. point to a resouce with a contact form.

    Bugtracker and hotfixes on GitHub
    • So how does this work? I"m not sure what this should look like when implemented.

      I've installed the package. I see the span#_emoaddrId1, the "emo_address" class has been assigned to the email address on the page and I see the script at the bottom of the page before the </body> tag. However, the email address is still in plain site when I view it in firebug and it is visible on the page.

      I know this is a pretty basic question, but I'm not sure what should be happening.

      • Switch off javascript and reload the page. No email address visible. Thats the way this plugin works.
        • OK, Got it.

          I see that the address is no longer visible without javascript running.